Monday, March 08, 2010

Rokkosan Pasture & Cheese House

A few weeks ago the kids had a day off school so we ventured to the Rokkosan Pasture & Cheese House with my friend Marcy and her kids. The ride up Mt. Rokko itself was an adventure (that seems to be the norm any time Marcy and I do things together). Part way through our drive we ran into some road construction.  The little clock counted down until we could go around the construction, which turned out to be one guy working on some rocks.

I need to remember not to have expectations when going places here. I envisioned it being like Amish Country, with cheese making and lots of "country". It was nothing like that. 

We went to the cheese making area and gift/snack shop first. This was where they made the cheese, and to be to honest, I really couldn't figure out what cheese they were making. Even in the gift shop, the tiny (and I mean tiny) blocks of cheese they were selling were imported. 

From there we walked with the kids to the pasture and play area. The kids enjoyed feeding the sheep and goats and then playing on the playground while the sheep wandered around them.  Marcy and I enjoyed taking an occasional picture and chatting.  Running around sheep poop wasn't quite our cup of tea.
Next we took the opportunity to walk around the rest of the grounds, which had horses, cows, ducks and rabbits. Seeing the cows made us feel at home for a few minutes.

We even managed to watch a sheep herding  session. 

And at the end of the day we were able to catch the kids, well, just being kids. 

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