Wednesday, April 28, 2010

China Beach - Vietnam

Early the morning after our trip to Halong Bay we, along with the Klepfer family, flew to DaNang, home of China Beach. This was the area where in 1965 US troops were first deployed for the ground war during the Vietnam War and was home of the biggest military complex in Central Vietnam. Some may remember the TV show China Beach, which was actually set on the beach directly in front of the hotel we stayed at. It was very surreal knowing that such a large part of US history and bloodshed was right where we were walking.

The flight from Hanoi was less than an hour so we were at the airport and ready to go to the hotel before 8 am.  The kids were excited when they saw our welcome drinks.

The Furama, our hotel, was amazing. It has to be one of the best hotels we have stayed at thus far.  The grounds were full of lush, tropical plants and flowers. There was a lagoon pool, as well as a pool that overlooked the beach and ocean. I could easily live there. I wonder if a job search would have any hits in Matt or my field. Ha ha, just joking.

The beach itself went on for miles and miles. This area is just starting to be developed, so along the beach you could see resorts and condos. While the tourism is very mush needed for the people of Vietnam, I hate to see such a beautiful and calm area become littered with resorts and businesses.

The hotel was pretty quiet, but the kids kept busy swimming, playing on the playground and even jet skiing.

And while the kids were busy playing with each other, the adults were enjoying some time to chat, read and of course sip fruity drinks.
At night we tried a few local restaurants as well as some of the food offered at the hotel. We clean up pretty well, don't we?

We absolutely loved China Beach. We have already determined that we will come back when we go to  Southern Vietnam.  You can see more pictures from China Beach here.

One more entry from our vacation in Vietnam left. Stay tuned!


red527 said...

Your blogs from your Vietnam vacation look so awesome. It looks like you guys had a wonderful time and are getting to experience some amazing places. Very cool.

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