Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Go Ravens Go!

During this time of year, one of the things I miss the most while living overseas is American football.  Luckily last spring we discovered Kobe University has an American football team (there are a handful of teams across Japan). So Sunday Matt, Chris and I went to go see the Kobe Raven's play in the first home game of the season.

Last spring we went to one of the "spring games." Basically it was similar to a scrimmage.  The fall games have cheerleaders, food and some interesting songs (I think they were songs).  The stadium is right next to the zoo, surrounded by the mountains. It reminded me why I love living here.
I really can't describe how beautiful the mountains are here
The Kobe University crowd was pretty upbeat, but no where near the opposing team. The other team had more cheerleaders than football players, a singing student section, fans with some noisemakers and a man who held a huge flag the whole entire time without moving.

Kobe Ravens getting ready to play

Coin Toss
Kobe Raven Cheerleaders -- Not sure why the guys are in long winter coats, but at over 100F degrees out they had to have been HOT!
Cheerleading Captain who called all the cheers
Food Stand - Cheesy hot dog baguettes or curry hot dog baguettes
Ravens in action
The most important person at the game -- The BEER man!
 I would say watching the game was more like being at a US high school game competitive wise, but it was a blast to watch. Even if the Kobe Ravens did get their butts totally kicked.
Yep we are the ones with a big, fat ZERO!

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