Friday, January 07, 2011

Blogger MIA

Sorry I have been quiet the past three weeks.  First,  I had to brace myself for a 25 day winter break with the kids. International schools tend to have longer winter breaks to allow for traveling and people to return home to their home countries. The first half of school has been very intense, especially for Chris and Emily, so they were more than ready for a break from school. And while I was excited for a few weeks without the daily grind of homework, 25 days is a wee bit long –– for everyone.  Let's just say I think the kids are ready for go back next Tuesday.

Our family used the long break to take a 10 day trip to Southern Vietnam. Don't worry I will be blogging more about our trip in the next week. It was a really cultural, eye-opening vacation to say the least. And we had an amazing time, up until 22 hours before we were supposed to board an airplane and make the trek home. I decided to really experience Vietnam one last time and make a trip to a small island hospital for some stitches in my knee.

Needless to say, I have spent most of my time the past week in a chair with my leg propped up. You would think with all the time in world I would have had plenty of time to blog, but instead I have spent the past week watching every poorly made movie and cheesy TV show known to man. (Note to self: Send letter to Hollywood addressing the issue of just how bad TV and the big screen have become)

So hang tight. I will be back in action soon, with some really great entries. I promise.

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