Monday, January 24, 2011

Skiing in Japan

My idea of a perfect weekend or vacation is soaking up the warm sun rays, in minimal clothing, while engrossing myself in a good book. My husband's idea of the perfect trip is flying down a cold, snowy mountain with your feet attached to two skinny pieces of plastic. You can probably guess who wins from pictures of all our past vacations.

Matt has really been hoping that at the ripe age of 35 I would suddenly develop a love for skiing. I have to admit, the slopes here are beautiful, but as Diana Ross loved to sing there "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" to make me want to play in the cold, wet, snow all day long.

Skiing is a popular activity in Japan. And unlike almost everything else, it is actually decently priced. It doesn't actually snow where we live, so you have to drive at least 3 hours to find decent skiing.  Matt loves when the weather turns colder and he can head North and hit the slopes. Last year we took a family trip to Gifu, where Sami learned to ski. This year, thanks to my knee injury, there will be no skiing in my near future. (Can you sense my disappointment?) So this month I stayed home with Sami since she isn't ready to brave the slopes alone quite yet, and Matt and the other two kids took a few day ski trips to Hachi Kita.

This year, Chris and Matt traded their skis in for a snowboard, and surprisingly they did very well. In fact, Chris is way better at snowboarding than skiing. We have a store nearby that sells lots of used ski and snowboard equipment so both were able to find themselves some good, cheap gear. Emily wasn't quite ready to trade her skis in, but she is planning to next weekend when she goes to Fuki Ski Jam with her two friends.

Matt, Chris, Emily and our neighbor Maggie getting ready to brave the slopes

 Beautiful mountains
 Emily and Chris on the slopes
 Chris and his gear
 Chris trying to be cool
Emily & Maggie
 Matt & Chris on the chairlift. As you can see it is really snowing.
I think Sami was feeling a bit left out of all the fun, so Matt helped her practice the proper ski look at home. 

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