Thursday, October 19, 2006

100 Things

On another blog I was reading, the blogger offered a challenge to list 100 things people may or may not know about you. So here is my feeble attempt.

1. I wear contacts. I went through a period where I wanted green eyes so I bought colored contacts, but now I am back to my plain old boring brown eyes.
2. I got my tonsils out when I was 15 and had a 16 year old male roommate in the hospital, who also was having his tonsils out.
3. I majored in agricultural journalism and minored in agricultural business in college.
4. I am a die hard Ohio State Buckeye fan.
5. Matt and I have been together for almost 13 years.
6. I took golf lessons when I was a young kid. I won the golf tournament for my age group and got my picture in the paper with a cheesy medal.
7. My nickname when I was younger was sparky.
8. I lettered in track and was athlete of the week in our small town paper my Senior year of high school.
9. I took horseback riding lessons in college.
10. I can only swim enough to barely save my life, yet I love the water.
11. I am a member of the Rascal Flatts fan club, which I only joined so I was guaranteed tickets to their concert. (Hey 5th row wasn't bad)
12. I have to color my hair because I have more gray hair than my own father if I don't.
13. I have been snorkeling twice.
14. I have 3 living kids (2 girls and 1 boy) and a daughter in heaven.
15. We own a stick shift car, which I still haven't been able to completely learn to drive. We've owned the car for 5 years now.
16. I loathe snow.
17. I broke my foot the summer before my freshman year of high school and had to start high school in a fashionable "boot".
18. I love clearance racks and resale shops.
19. I lived in the same place my whole life before going to college.
20. I met Matt my freshman year of college (120 miles away from where I lived) in English class, despite the fact that he lived 12 miles away from me my whole life.
21. I paid for my freshman year of college with money that I saved from working at McDonald's in high school.
22. The first bar I ever went to was "The Pit" on High Street in Columbus, Ohio. It was during freshman orientation.
23. I had Muppet wallpaper in my bedroom growing up. It is still there on one wall for memory sake.
24. I love to read.
25. I have only owned Apple computers.
26. I have been in a car accident with every car that I have owned myself, and never once has it been my fault.
27. I am running a 5k in April.
28. I won the bowling tournament in college in the bowling class I took with a sad 141. (I had to fulfill my electives somehow)
29. I love chick-flick movies.
30. I own about $1,000 in scrapbooking supplies, yet have only done about 15 pages.
31. I love to cook and bake.
32. I was conceived at an Ohio State football game.
33. I love to buy magazines.
34. I have insomnia.
35. Matt and I went to the Rose Bowl and the National Championship Football game and watched Ohio State win both.
36. My mom is Catholic and my dad is Jewish.
37. I am an Internet junkie.
38. My dream is to write a book and be published.
39. I am a Cancer.
40. People biting their nails is a huge pet peeve.
41. Selfish people annoy me.
42. I have my belly button pierced.
43. I have been to a Clay Aiken concert.
44. I have met Bill Clinton.
45. I have never been skinny dipping.
46. I actually like Grease 2.
47. I am a control freak.
48. I drive way too fast.
49. The first concert I ever went to was Pink Floyd. (ummm yeah, thanks Matt)
50. I am allergic to coconut.
51. I knew I would marry Matt when I first met him. It just took longer to convince him.
52. I have been to France (via a layover in England), Venezuela (via a layover in Aruba), the Grand Caymans, the Bahamas, Mexico and Canada.
53. I got my first speeding ticket when I was road tripping without my parents knowledge to visit Matt in Pennsylvania where he was interning.
54. My goal is to visit all 50 states before I die. So far I have been to 30.
55. I love to fly.
56. I have never ridden a motorcycle, yet want to.
57. I love candles.
58. Our plan is to go to Europe in 2008 for our 10 year anniversary.
59. I am a good friend.
60. I own my own freelance writing and public relations consulting business.
61. My oldest daughter could be my twin.
62. I want a closer relationship with my brother.
63. I like brussel sprouts.
64. I love Starbucks, yet do not drink coffee.
65. I have fallen down a flight of stairs and broken my ribs and nose in a drinking "accident".
66. I hate any type of bean, except a green bean.
67. I am big on food textures.
68. My underwear always matches my bra.
69. I went to college thinking I was going to be a neonatal nurse. Now the smell of a hospital sends me into an anxiety attack.
70. I love good wine.
71. I miss not living closer to my family.
72. I have never switched cell phone companies and I've had a cell phone for 7 years.
73. I am terrified of reptiles and spiders.
74. I hate horror movies.
75. I was president of a Christian sorority (Kappa Phi) in college.
76. My middle name is Virginia.
77. I make my bed everyday.
78. I read in the shower.
79. I love to send cards and mail. I am just horrible at getting them to the post office.
80. I hate doing laundry.
81. I love to vacuum.
82. I hate my body.
83. I don't like it when people say one thing, yet do another.
84. I have lost respect for many people in my lifetime.
85. I struggled when I turned 30.
86. I love my beef rare. The bloodier the better. Sadly I am not permitted to order anything less than medium rare.
87. I have tried foie gras. I did not like it.
88. I briefly worked a job in college where I had to sweep the floors during timeouts of Ohio State basketball games.
89. I am chaperoning Emily's 5th grade class trip to Washington DC in March.
90. I still love swinging on swings.
91. I am a country girl at heart. I hate big cities.
92. I am a post-it note whore.
93. I am slowly trying new things. I recently went to a Mediterranean restaurant and loved it.
94. I am falling in love with my house.
95. I am horrible at making a decision.
96. I actually enjoy drinking beer.
97. I am terrified of needles.
98. I am afraid of heights.
99. I have a hard time talking about my feelings. (goes back to the control freak aspect)
100. I love being a mom.

It's a lot harder than it appears. Now I challenge you do to the same.


Anonymous said...

I beg to differ #79. So I am challenging you to prove me wrong ;) I was astonished when I received that card from you this summer (and I really value it!) now I will be waiting by my mailbox for another, missy!!

Anonymous said...

Another comment. So you learn a lot thru blogs. You would be able to say that we are very close and know each other very well, but here are the things I didn't realize that you and I share:

* love swinging on swings
* afraid of heights
* post-it note whore
* love to vacuum but hate doing laundry

I was saying to myself "me, too!" to these and so many more!

As for "I love to read". No...really?!!?!? :):)

xo, miss you.