Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What a Way to Start the Day

I have been finding it hard to find a time that works to go workout. The nursery at the gym is closed in the afternoon and when it reopens we have either gymnastics, a meeting or something else. Plus Em refuses to goto the "nursery" and it's a pain to take all three kids anyways. The mornings don't always work because I usually have things to do. So Matt told me I should go when they open at 5:30am. Now shudder you may, but since I am an insomniac this time doesn't scare me. Plus Matt gets up then and between flush, brush, shower, chatter and sing I find it hard to sleep anyways.

So here it is. Not even 7am, the kids are still asleep and I have ran for 30 minutes and did weights and abs for 20. Honestly I feel great. I now know why they say you should exercise first thing. The only thing better would have been some eye candy, but sadly I probably was the eye candy. (Guess I made those 70 year old men's days, friendly bunch they are)

And now when I goto lunch today and get some big slice of cheesecake with about 800 calories (and since The Cheesecake Factory does not have their nutritional value online my fear is that many calories) I won't feel as guilty.

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