Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Happy Birthday - Love Sami

Two of Sam's best friend's are celebrating their birthday's this month. I have known both of these kids since they were babies (and even earlier for one of them). I can't believe how quickly time flies. I hope you both have awesome birthday's!

Hannah will be 5 tomorrow! Sam and Hannah might as well be sister's as close as they are. It amazes me how two little girls can still finish each other's sentence's despite being 14 hours apart. Here are just a few pictures of Sam and Hannah over the past few years.

Happy 5th birthday dear Hannah!

And Sam's little boyfriend, Noah, turned 3 last week. I still remember when I saw Noah for the first time (he was just a little bean on the u/s screen). I knew that he and the baby I was carrying (which wound up to be Sam) would be great friends. Afterall, their mommy's are! Here are just a few pictures from the two of them. As you can see, they have a bit of a risque relationship.

Happy 3rd birthday Noah!

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