Thursday, October 26, 2006

Perfect Evening

It is very rare that Chris and I do anything together alone anymore. Usually the girls are with us, plus Chris is getting to a stage where he wants to toss the football or do "guy" things with dad. I am totally fine with that, I honestly believe a father and son need that bonding time, but a mom needs her mama's boy time too. When Chris was younger he was such a mama's boy that while I found it aggravating at times, I also loved the fact that our son prefered his mom over his dad.

So last night Matt took Sam and Emily to gymnastics, leaving me and Chris home alone for 3.5 hours together. After we ate dinner, I asked Chris he if just wanted to hang out with mom. So that is exactly what we did. He helped me clean up the kitchen from dinner. We layed on my bed and read books to each other for over an hour. We sat and talked about school, his friends, Christmas and anything he felt like babbling about. Afterwards we started to watch some silly Halloween movie on the Disney Channel, until the magic spell was broken when Sam came charging in and yelled "Mom I'm home!!" But then that spell was cast again when I went to tuck Chris in and he told me "I love you mommy. Thank you for tonight."

Sometimes we just need nights like those to remember the important things in life.

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