Thursday, October 26, 2006

Vote For Emily

Emily was nominated for Vice President of the 5th grade class. Tomorrow is the primaries by classroom, then the following week is the full 5th grade election. The part that excites her most is that if she is elected she gets to be in a special leadership program and she gets to help plan the class trip to DC in March. Then when in Washington, the class officers get to participate in a special program with the changing of the guards at Arlington Cemetary. Talk about a life experience.

Now between you and me Emily doesn't have a snowball's chace in hell. She is the new girl and everyone else has been together for 6 years. But I am not going to burst her bubble.

So here is her speech. And surprising, I only had to tweek and edit it. The rest is all hers. Maybe we have another writer on our hands.

Hi, I'm Emily! I think I should be elected as vice president because I am willing to take on any jobs you, the teachers or any student at Lincoln Heights needs me to do.

I also would be willing to listen to any concerns people may have and work to address those concerns. I will work to help the fifth grade teachers and all the students of Lincoln Heights.

I will help support whatever the president says or any ideas the president may have. I will also help out the secretary and treasurer by helping them with the tasks they have to accomplish.

I promise if you elect me as your vice president that I will make this year fun –– In the classroom and especially on our class trip to Washington DC.

So remember Emily when you think about your fifth grade year.

E stands for exciting
M stands for Memorable
I stands for Interesting
L stands for Laughter
Y stands for your best school year yet!

Thank you, and remember vote for Emily!!


Jamie said...

She has my vote! good luck em fingers crossed

SuperMom said...

Aw, that's really cute!

Karen said...

I love her speech! Go, Emily!