Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Lights, Lights, Lights

Matt and I made an agreement that we were not doing any decorating outside this year. We even talked about not putting up a tree, but with three kids that probably isn't the best decision.

So last night I am driving home from the girls' gymnastics practices and as I drove down the street to our subdivision I had to do a double take. Clearly the house I was seeing all lit up in lights could not be my house. Afterall, Matt and I agreed that we were NOT doing any outside decorating. And as I drove closer the kids confirmed that it was our house.

So what if we were known as the Krank's to our neighbors. It's not like the HOA would be coming after us for "lack of holiday spirit". But no, Matt fell to the pressure of the others in our neighborhood and put the damn lights up. So I have to admit they look pretty good. (even if I would have never mixed colored and white lights together, but hey he did them so whatever) The only thing that stinks is that we can't get the very top of the house because we don't have a ladder that reaches the top peaks. But oh well. It still looks nice anyways.

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Anonymous said...

oh awesome!!! I love it! I want lights on the house sooooo dang bad. I need to wrangle some nive guy to come over and get on a ladder for me lol!