Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Who would have thought?

It's almost December and my pots still look like this:

My snapdragons NEVER looked like this in Illinois. Hard to believe they even made it after driving 14 hours in the back of a pickup truck.

Supposedly these will live until the spring when it gets above 80 they will die off.

Again, my wagon never looked like this. The snapdragons just grew buds again so I am anticipating another round of blooms soon.

I love the South. I can't wait until the spring so I can do some real landscaping.

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Anonymous said...

my pansies look awesome to! We planted some a couple weeks ago and it really prettied up my front garden. I'm excited that they will stay through the winter, although I am not so sure how flowers can live in freezing cold lol! Those snapdragons are beautiful! I'd never seen them before and am thinking it would be cool to plant some. What season are they?

Where did you move to in the south?