Monday, November 13, 2006

Shopping Finds

I really wore out the soles on my shopping shoes the past few days. Thursday Jamie and I went to check out one of the mall's that everyone around here raves about –– The Streets of Southpoint. I am in lust with this mall. It was so "trendy" and had some great deals.

Then Friday we stopped at a store at the beach and I found two great buys for my beach room. Matt hates them both, which is why I love them even more. What do you think?

Cute little lamp for the end table.

Sign for above the mantle

Then Saturday we went for a girls day out and got manicures, lunch and again, lots of shopping. I got the cutest martini glasses from Pier 1. And if I wasn't married the saleslady would have had me leaving the store with the cute manager that drives a BMW convertible. But, instead I just left with the glasses and a few other items.

My new martini glasses!!

And the best buy of the whole weekend was a shirt for Sam. Isn't it great?


Val said...

I looooove the martini glass - did you just buy one?!

Anonymous said...

OOH I love the lamp and the shirt good thing you have such a good eye for things :P