Monday, December 11, 2006

Farmers Market

So yes, 2 weeks before Christmas we finally got a tree. I kept telling Matt we should just wait until Christmas Eve and save some poor Charlie Brown tree, but he didn't go for that idea.

Last year we went and cut down our own tree. That isn't exactly an option in this area of North Carolina. So we went to the Farmer's Market instead. I can't wait to go when the berries and such are in season. But we found an awesome tree, got some fresh apple cider, tomatoes, jams and apple butter. I could goto the farmers market everyday. It is so different than the few tables and booths that were set up in Illinois. There are rows and rows of stands and buildings full of vendors. It reminds me alot of the East Side Market that I used to goto with my parents, minus the hanging pig carcasses and other weird meats.

Here are a few pics of us hanging out at the Farmers Market.

There were so many vendors selling trees that they were trying to outdo each other with sales, promotions and slashed prices. My dad would have loved it.
Matt and Sam trying to find the "perfect" tree.
Me, Sam and Chris posing for a pic.
The kids outside the cheese building. Chris wasn't happy because I wouldn't let him pose the way he wanted.


Val, that's me said...

So what are the tree prices like out yonder there? It looks like the trees are ready to be cut down in the top pic . . . those are already cut? Wow. Looks like such fun! I just can't imagine doing it without snow on the ground! (I know you love that, tho!)

Val, that's me said...

PS Why the pout on Chris in the bottom one?

Alexis Jacobs said...

The prices really vary. We paid $30 for our 7.5 foot tree. BUT that is because we were at the farmers Market and the dealing they do is amazing. Streetside they are more like $60 and up. Sadly, the only way to go cut one down ourselves is to drive 4 hours to the mountains.

And as for Chris, because I wouldn't let his lay across the table for pics. Boys will be boys.