Sunday, December 17, 2006

Kids Christmas Party

This morning was the Caterpillar Kid's Christmas party, and since I had to be at the gym early to work my shift for the meet, Matt got to take the kids alone. He was a good boy and remembered to take pictures for me.

Cat rented out a movie theatre and each family was given a choice of 5 movies to attend. To the kids and Matt's surprise they even all got movie meals... and we never even had to pay a cent. The kids choose to see Happy Feet, and while Matt says the message was good, he felt it was too over the top for kids, especially Emily who is getting old enough to understand some of the things being said. Regardless, they kids thought it was cute.

After the movie, the kids all got a turn to sit on Santa's lap and chat with him about what they wanted for Christmas. Emily told me later that she just sat on Santa's lap for Sam's benefit. They got some great gifts for each of them too. I was quite impressed. Matt even remembered to ask if they could all 3 get a picture taken together.

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Val, that's me said...

That is so wonderful that CAT did that. I'm glad they had such a great day.