Thursday, December 21, 2006

Organizing Your Mini-Van/Car

I am an anal, neat freak. At least that is what others say. So what if I like vacuum lines in the carpet? And I make my bed everyday? And I have been known to wash my walls on a frequent basis (especially in this house) I like a clean, organized house. And yes, my kids will probably be in therapy for it when older. And know, what? Matt is even worse than I am. But there is one place I have to admit I let get out of control... my mini van.

With three kids, and between traveling and chauffeuring them back and forth places, we spend alot of time in the van. Yes, it is trashed. But one of my New Year resolutions is to keep my vehicle clean at all times. No more goldfish on the floor. No more leftover Target icees collecting in the cup holders. No more My Little Pony's thrown under the seats. No more gas receipts collecting in a pile in my console. I **WILL** have a clean car. Yesterday I spend an hour cleaning out the van and I felt like a huge weight was lifted off me. (okay so I guess I am anal)

So upon my quest for an organized vehicle I found others who face the same dilemma of balancing kids and a clean car. Here is a blog with some great ideas on how to declutter your vehicle.

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Val, that's me said...

omg i need to read this blog when I have time. my car is such a disaster and i HATE it that i allow it to get that way. we have popcorn pieces everywhere and milk droplets. it drives me nuts but if i were to clean it every day like i want to, i'd never get it done and i'd let other important things go to pot. so i hope the blog REALLY CAN help me. Lord knows I need it :)