Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Reading Goals

The beginning of every year I make a list of reading goals.

My 2006 Goals:
1. Read 65 books - As of 12/20 I have read 76 books. I anticipate several more with our impending drive to Ohio.
2. Read a min. of 10 "classics" - Ummm yeah. Not a single classic made my reading list.
3. Balance out my reading selections more- I actually think I did a good job at this. I have a good mix of suspense, Chick Lit, "drama", biography and Christian Fiction.

So what are my goals for 2007?
1. Read 75 books - I have been adding 10 books to my goal list each year.
2. Read 5 "classics" - Maybe if I start conservative I will actually accomplish it this year.
3. Read at least 25 books already on my shelf - Sounds like a silly goal, but with over 500 books on my shelf I really need to start reading some of the items on it instead of continuing to add to it.
4. Re-read certain childhood books, such as Jacob Have I Loved, Bridge to Terabithia and others - I want to be able to remember these books so I can discuss and share them with EMily and Chris, since they are older now and starting to be able to read such childhood "must-reads"

So for you other avid readers, do you make goals? If so, share them!! Here is to happy reading in 2007!!


Victoria said...

ooh, I'd never thought of doing reading goals, good idea! I especially love your idea of re-reading childhood books! I re-read the Narnia chronicles a couple years ago & really enjoyed the different perspective so am going to take up this idea, only read them out loud to Mr. C! :)

Hope you are all well, I feel so out of touch! :( (my own darn fault!)

SuperMom said...

I don't make reading goals, but I just wanted to recommend two classics that I just love and think you would too based on what I think your current tastes are. Try Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Little Women by Luisa May Alcott and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. I generally don't love Emily Bronte, FWIW.

Oh, and my favorite Dicken's book is Great Expectations.

Good luck and have fun!

Classics can seem dauting at first b/c they don't always grab you like today's books do, but the ones I listed above are so good I find myself re-reading them often.

Alexis Jacobs said...

Cait... I have read all those and I love them! In fact I have a few that are old collector editions. I wonder if it would be cheating to reread those :-)

Val, that's me said...

you crack me up, that's all i have to say. i still cannot figure out HOW you find time to read. i wish i coul find it...maybe in miami i will while siting on the beach? :) yeah right, probably in my dreams will i actually be sitting and not be chasing kiddos. sigh..