Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sharing a few more pictures

I am so irked. The photographer that was at the State Meet this past weekend lost Emily's pictures! (they take pics throughout the beam and floor routines) Another girl on the team's pics were lost as well, and the photographer is hoping they will find them somewhere, sometime. (great customer service they have) Luckily the coach got a few shots. So I thought I would share a few more pics from Em's State Meet this past weekend. Can you tell I am a proud mommy?

Emily saluting the judges before her floor routine.
Emily doing her leap during the floor routine.
More floor routine.
The Level 5 team and Coach Jack.


Kim said...

Awesome pics!!!!!! Hope they find the other ones!!!!

SuperMom said...

Sorry they lost Emily's pictures-- ugh!

Love the ones you posted, though.