Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sending Prayers to Our Old Town

Unless you live in a bubble, you know about the ice/winter storm that tore through the Midwest last week. Decatur, Illinois was slammed by the storm and the area is so bad that the National Guard has been called in to help. We have several friends who are still without power. Over half of the city is still powerless. I can't even begin to imagine.

Val and Neil have been living in ADM temporary housing since their house was damaged and left powerless early Friday morning. Their animals have been dispatched to relatives, while they and little Noah and Maia have been staying elsewhere. I know they are going stir crazy. Imagine living in a tiny apartment with none of your belongings while it is too dangerous to venture outside in fear of stepping on power lines or trying to drive where there is no traffic lights through a city of 94,000 people. She has been tracking her story on her blog. I encourage you to go check it out.

Jamie and Mark are still powerless as well. Luckily Sunday Mark's parent's power was restored so Mark and the girls have been staying there. However Jamie is bunkered down at the house with a kerosene heater trying to keep the dogs and cats alive. Poor Pebbles (their kitten) had to be taken to the vet as he has a respiratory infection. Matt is worried at the safety of Jamie staying at the house with the heater. Jamie is more worried that the three stations in town that carry kerosene will run out. (or that she will beat up some idiot in the kerosene line)

Our friends from the gym, Carla and Luis, are also still powerless. They have been staying with family. Their cat and dog are still at the house.

They are staying it could be next week before power is restored. It's winter. It's cold. Tomorrow is is supposed to be a high of 18 degrees. The National Guard has been called in to try to help. Tension is high everywhere.

So tonight when you are sitting in your warm house mad because some petty little thing has gone wrong, think about those who are living where we just lived 4 months ago. Their lives have been ripped apart with just one visit from Mother Nature.

To all my Decatur friends, stay safe. We are praying for you.

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Val, that's me said...

Emotions are high . . . that made me cry. Thank you, Alexis.