Thursday, January 04, 2007

And the countdown is on...

You didn't think that you would get away with me not blogging about the big OHIO STATE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME, did you? With the big game only 4 days away, I am getting out all my buckeye gear (and yes Val, putting on my shoes) and getting ready to watch the Buckeyes kick some Gator butt. Heck, I may even find myself same 'gator on a stick to grill up in honor of the big day.

So get ready my friends. And as always... GO BUCKS!!!!


Val, that's me said...

The fugly shoes? Please no, Alexis. Nooooooooooo!


So knowing you, it will take 4 days of mental preparation for this game. In lieu of OSU because you are my dear friend, GO OSU! :)

Anonymous said...

As a diehard Seminole fan, I relish any opportunity to see the Gators get their asses handed to them, so GO OHIO STATE!!!!