Friday, January 26, 2007

And He Returns Tomorrow

After 11 days on the road, Matt will be home tomorrow night. And while I enjoy my space while he is gone, it is also very hard when he travels and I find myself getting excited when he returns. (of course that also may be because I am then off kid duty)

The kids are ecstatic that Matt is coming home tomorrow. He is such an awesome dad. Not because he changed many diapers, or even because he got up with them at night (which btw he rarely ever did either) but because our children are his life. He makes sure that they come first, no matter what. He has no problem tossing the football with Chris one minute and then laying on the floor playing dollhouse with Sam and listening to Emily talk about the latest school and gym gossip. He has nicknames for each of them and they do for him too. Emily and Chris love it when Matt comes to their school because he is the "cool dad" that everyone wants to hang with. I love looking at the kids faces light up when he walks in the door at night.

I still can remember the day I met him. He was in my freshman English class, wearing a purple polo shirt and jeans. I rushed home from class to tell my roommates that I had a hot guy in my class and they all rolled their eyes at me. Boy did I surprise them by actually marrying that guy.

When I first met Matt 13 years ago I never imagined I could love him as much as I do. And still after 13 years I am learning new things and falling even more in love with him. We have had our rough spots, what normal couple doesn't, but we get back up and keep chugging along. Some days I want to kill him and other days I want to hug him. But I know no matter what he will be there. Maybe not always how I would like him to be, but he is. And for that I thank God everyday.


Val, that's me said...

I am so happy you love him as much as you do, too. You've been through a lot to be where you are now. I am really happy for both of you. Especially you since you are my fave of the two :) hehe, Matt :) you know I love ya!

Enjoy every second of him back. :)

Cerella said...

Thank you SOO much for your kind words! After receiving a slight backlash, it was really nice to have others show their support. Thanks girl!