Friday, January 26, 2007

So What Did I Accomplish... Past Two Weeks In Review

Last week I posted a list of everything I wanted to get done while Matt was gone. So how did I do?
  1. Organize all my pictures. I have pictures from college and before we went digital that are in no order and just thrown in boxes. I bought some photo boxes and I want to organize them by subject and year if possible. Problem is that I didn't write dates on the back so some will be a guessing game. I actually did this. I now have labeled photo boxes sitting on my shelf.
  2. Organize all my tax receipts and papers and get what I can plugged into my software so as soon as we get all the final items we need in the mail I can file. I always get really anxious about taxes so the sooner I get them done the better. Didn't even come close to starting.
  3. Choose and print out pictures for the frames that I have for different rooms. If feeling daring, maybe even hang them. Yeah right.
  4. Go through the kids drawers and pull out clothes that are too small. Surprisingly I got this done.
  5. Reorganize all my books. I have acquired quite a few since moving here and first unpacking my books. They need to realphabetized and reshelved. No, but I did manage to buy two more.
  6. Don't goto the grocery store. Eat from what I have here. I opened my pantry today and got hit with a falling can. I did goto the grocery store, but it was for milk. So does that count?
  7. Watch the Love Comes Softly series on DVD. Gotta love netflix Not only did I watch all 4 discs, but I think I watched about 10 other DVDs too.
  8. Get three books read. I got two read, and seeing how Matt comes home today and I need to clean, this book next to my bed will remain unread.
  9. Figure out the plants that I want to get for the backyard landscaping and map out the layout for us to start in Feb/March. We are putting in a stone patio, some more trees and lots of perennial flowers. Just need to figure out what will grown here and start planning it out. Nope, but it's okay. After all it is only January. I still have another month before I can plant.
  10. Email all the sources I need for a project I am working on for Caterpillar and try to make arrangements for meetings when I go next month. Edit and rewrite some copy and send off to Tako. (my boss) Didn't get this done, but that was because I had that huge surprise project. And after a few edits it was sent to the graphic designer on Wednesday afternoon. I am curious to see how it turns out in the end.
4 out of 10 isn't bad, is it? Oh well, there is always the next trip.


leeshaswafford said...

I'm so proud of you getting all of your pictures organized. :) I really need to get mine labeled.

Since you have the hard part there some scrapbooking in the future??

Jamie said...

I am still proud of you you did good in my book.

Michelle Pendergrass said...

Well, the blog looks good. :)