Wednesday, January 10, 2007

My Two Friends

I have these two friends. I first met them the summer before my sophmore year of high school. I went everywhere with these two. After some time, these friends got to be pretty big. I always knew I could depend on these friends and thought they would never leave me. But I was wrong. Five years ago these friends started to slowly go away. Sure, I could go and pay for some friends. But I won't. I went to the mall over Christmas and the storeperson confirmed my fears. My friends are almost gone. I now need to buy a 34A.


Jamie said...

Roflmao ......oops sorry didn't mean that. I will share my friends with you. Heck on DD will go along way with your loneliness

Val, that's me said...

OMG!!! And I can't believe you put "boobs" as a label. Are you still drunk??? lmao!! Btw, join the crowd. My girlfriends are less than what they were before ds. Gone gone gone far away. Im to a 32A :(

Jen said...

OMG! This is just too funny. I was getting sad towards the end really think you're friends (not knowing they were your boobs) were gone. Thanks for the chuckle.