Wednesday, January 03, 2007

New Year's Resolutions

I have never been one to make a bunch of New Year's resolutions. They tend to stress me out. Like some black cloud hanging over my head. But this year I have decided why not.

So here are my 2007 New Year's Resolutions

1. Get ready to run a 5k on April 29. I may come in last place, but I WILL run.

2. Keep my van clean and organized. I am horrible at this.

3. Send my grandma in Texas updated pictures of the kids. I have been horrible about correspondence with her.

4. Keep my receipts organized from Day 1. I have done better from last year, but they still are just thrown in a file folder and need to be sorted out. If I sort them from the beginning it will help tremendously when doing my taxes.

5. Get my scrapbooking stuff out and use it! I am going to set a goal of 5 pages a month. (okay so that is very little, but that is 5 more a month than I did last year)

6. Work on expanding my freelance business. Really start on my book besides for brainstorming. Start putting those ideas down on paper.

7. Get my bible out and actually read it. Make it a priority instead of a side thought. (I wonder how many books the bible would count as on my reading log? ha ha)

8. Actually get the pictures that I have frames for printed and hung.

9. Do not go to the grocery store just because I am bored.

10. Realize that there are some things that won't ever change, no matter how much you try.

So now I am challenging you. What are your resolutions?

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Val, that's me said...

I like you're resolutions! I will try to be a good friend and help you stick by them! :) Especially #8. Oh, and #2 and #4 because I need help in the same department ;)