Friday, February 02, 2007

Leaving On A Jet Plane

I love technology. Who would have thought that you would be able to check in for a flight, 24 hours in advance, from your home? So here it is, 7 am and I am all checked in for my flight tomorrow. Where am I going?

At 6 am tomorrow I am on a flight headed to the very cold state of
ILLINOIS! Well okay after a long 4 hour layover in Atlanta I am headed there, but I am going to Illinois!!! And an added bonus... I am going KID FREE!!! I have to go and meet with some people for work, but other than that I am free, free free!!

I am so excited. I have so many plans while there (shopping, seeing movies, eating, Starbucks runs and even BINGO!) and I can't wait to see everyone.

So wish me a safe flight, and wish me luck in the cold. It is supposed to be freezing and my southern body may go into shock.


Val, that's me said...

I got so excited about your post, I went back to my blog and posted about you coming home and forgot to comment. So this is my comment :) Can't wait to see you, my dear.


Leesha said...

Girl you better pack your long john's! It's only getting colder here.

Maybe you could pack us some warm weather and bring it with you....pretty please:)

Jen said...

OOOHHH I wish I could drive over to Atlanta, have some drinks with you while you have your layover and sneak myself onto your flight. It sounds like such a fabulous time. I hope you have a safe and smooth flight and enjoy every minute kid free. Girly time here you come. :)

Jamie said...

I am on my way to come get you!!

Robin said...

Have a great time! Enjoy that kid-free time for all the rest of us moms too. I hear you on the cold weather thing - after so many years in Israel I freeze if I go home to NY in October, let alone February!