Sunday, February 11, 2007


Boogidy oogidy boogidy!! It's racetime!!! After the 2.5 month hiatus, NASCAR is back!!! Tonight racing season kicked off with the Bud Shootout. And thought Stewart won, it was good to be able to watch racing again.

And speaking of NASACR, today we bought tickets for the Martinsville Speedway race on April 1. We haven't been to a race since 2000, so this should be a blast. A 1/2 mile track is sure to mean lots of bumping and grinding and tempers flaring.

For all you racing fans, only 7 days until Daytona!!


Leesha said...

Tom & I watched the race tonight @ El Corral! Then ended up @ the Nite Owl in Macon to watch Empire...Tommy's band ROCK OUT!

Didn't realize you were a "Redneck Nascar Fan"! Wahooooo! Shake-n-Bake!! LMAO

Michelle Pendergrass said...

I've always been a little bit of a NASCAR fan, Phil and I met in the traffic jam after the first Brickyard 400 (neither of us was at the race) LOL

My brother invited us over for a Daytona party and my best friend's mom and sister are owners of Justin Diercks #70, so we'll be watching this year!!

Jamie said...

Redneck, who wants a redneck..... sorry had to get that in hehe Love ya anyway :P

Val, that's me said...

Ugh. I won't even read this post. Sorry, AJ. I'll send it on to Kristin to read ;)

mama2dibs said...

Yea for NASCAR season! What better to do on a Sunday afternoon.