Sunday, February 25, 2007

Shopping Conversation

Today Matt and I went to the outlet mall while Emily was at gymnastics practice. Here is how our conversation went in The Gap.

While admiring a really cool pair of leather flip flops Alexis says quite loud: Gee Matt, I really wish you would wear thongs.


Guy Standing Near Us Says While Laughing: Hey man, whatever floats your boat.

Alexis: Not a thong, I mean flip flops.


Guy Standing Near Us Says While Laughing: Uh huh, sure.

Alexis: No really, flip flops. I wish you would wear flips flops. Not a thong.


Ummm, yeah. I doubt Matt will go shopping with me anytime soon. Especially since everyone around us was cracking up laughing. But I have to blame my mom because she calls flip flops "tongs" and I was just confused at the time. Seriously, I have no desire to see any man, let alone Matt in a thong. Gag.


Jamie said...

OK I am in shock that Mat was speechless. Did you get an earfull when you got to the car?? I am pondering this lmfao I can see his face now roflmao.

SuperMom said...


LiLi said...

LMAO! OK, Alexis... that is just hilarious!

flute4peace said... my generation, they ARE thongs. LOL.