Wednesday, March 21, 2007

American Idol - The Girl Who Cried

I cannot talk about American Idol without first talking about Sanjaya and his "girl". While Sanjaya was better than in the past weeks (come on, how could he not?) he still made me want to hold my ears closed while he ran his fingers down the chalkboard. But singing aside, his was the best performance for 1 reason –– the girl who cried. I would like to say that she was crying because he was so bad, but sadly that is not the case. A girl in the audience, about Emily's age, was sobbing and crying while Sanjaya sang. Half of the time Sanjaya was singing the camera was on him. And afterwards they pulled her onto stage with Sanjaya. I guess to her it would have been like calling me on stage with the New Kids on the Block. For you viewing (but not listening) pleasure for those who may have missed it.

While Sanajaya should go, he will be safe yet another week. Meaning that coming soon to a concert near you will be Sanjaya. The top 10 get to go on the Idol tour. I loved Blake (as usual) and Jordin. Chris x 2 did well, but not my favorite. Lakisha, Stephanie, Gina and Haley were all my bottom ones last night. I think it will be either Gina or Haley that goes tonight. I am hoping Haley.


Leesha said...

This is such a farce....Josie and I laughed our butts off!

So this morning on GMA Sanajaya was the talk. Everyone is trying to figure out how the heck is he still IN. 4 points:

1.Well the India thing is out, they can't vote because of the time frame. is having a field day with Sanajaya, trying to screw with American Idol.

3."The Howard Stern Effect" Howard is pleading with his viewer's to give Sanajaya ONE MORE WEEK! WHY oh WHY!

4.Simon Cowell (I guess) has been quoted saying if Sanajaya wins he will quit AI. Oh My!

Well my guess its more of the website trying to get their point across, but why should WE suffer? LOL

I'm hoping Haley goes home tonight too, my favorite was Blake!!!

I remembered from last season you were a Elliot Yamin fan...did you pick up his new CD? Did you see he got his teeth fixed? He looks great!
Also Bucky is going to be on Live with Regis & Kelly today. Can't wait to see what he is up too!

Rob Tornoe said...

I'm a cartoonist from New Jersey, and last night was my first encounter with Sanjaya. Here are my thoughts about him.

To view my cartoon, click here

Deborah said...

I saw the footage on the Today Show this morning. I swear, I think that little girl was planted in the audience!

PS - Alexis, I just started reading through your blog yesterday. Love it! Cute haircut, too :)

it's me, Val said...

Leesha's points were really interesting! But there is no way Simon will quit because he makes more money on all the AI contestant's albums than they do!

At first with the little girl, I laughed, then I cried! I thought about myself, too, Alexis, when I was that same girl as a NKOTB fan. It was really sweet. But you're right, because of it, Sanjaya will still be in. And I thought he sounded TERRIBLE.

I loved Blake and Jordin. They were my faves.

And I will have to check out Elliott's CD! I really liked him.

Tim said...

Nice blog. I totally agree with your take on Sanjaya. He is painful to listen to. I also could not stomach the little girl that was crying. Why? Was she okay? Had she been threatened? It was too funny.

I am interested in why you want Haley to go home? Don't you think it should be Phil? Please check out my rundown of last night and my prediction for who is going home at

If you could pass my site on to your friends that would be great. I will look for you in the comments and will check back on your blog now and then.


Mo said...

Insult or Compliment? -- "Sanjaya Makes Me Cry" --
Either way the t-shirt is funny.