Friday, March 09, 2007

Calling All American Idol Fans

Tonight's eviction show was a complete joke. Sanjaya has no business making the final 12. There is a huge online push for Sanjaya to win this season's AI.

So this is my challenge. For those who are as outraged as myself, and several others I know, push back. Make sure you vote each week. Not just once, but over and over. Remind your friends to vote. If you blog, post on your blog reminding others to vote and asking them to remind others.

If we don't vote, Sanjaya will win. Tonight proved just that.


it's me, Val said...

I vote and I never vote for him. I think he's going really far, even if it's to the end, and in no way because of me. It's because he has a dot, not feather. People in India see the show and they can vote. And if the entire Indian population of the US voted for him an no others, he'll win. There's that many Indians here. I have absolutely nothing against Indians. I just don't think it's entirely fair. But maybe I'm just setting myself up to be flamed, but that's just me and my hubby's observation, and actually, he pinned it first. I honestly think Sanjaya doesn't even think he deserves to be there.

it's me, Val said...

Ok, and another comment. I think all the voting last night was wrong. I don't think any of them should have been kicked off last night except for Antonella. Yes, definitely her. She was plain ol bad. But I think this all proves how messed up the voting is. People are voting based on reasons other than who has the best talent. I almost cried last night because it seemed so unfair. Neil and I both said that if this stuff keeps up, we're not watching any longer because it's so frustrating and what's the reason in watching something that just frustrates you? Obviously even the judges were incredibly disgusted.

Yeah, it's a heated subject for me too, Alexis.