Wednesday, March 07, 2007

It's Guy's Night - American Idol Week 3

Ahhh yes. My weekly AI post. I know you have been sitting on the edge of your computer chair waiting for this.

Yippie it's guys night! Yes, there are some amazing voices amongst the ladies, but nothing that is "different". So for me it's all about the guys. My thoughts this Tuesday evening?
  • Blake - Blake is one of my top favorites. He is so new, so different, so Blake. If only I was 10 years younger and single...
  • Sanjaya - The only good thing about him was his hair. He had KILLER hair. I wonder if I could find out the name of his stylist.
  • Sundance - It wasn't anywhere near Chris Daughtry, but it was decent. He added a bit of himself, so that was nice. He will be safe this week.
  • Chris R. - I just love him too. How can anyone NOT love him. Give me him and Blake and I would be a happy happy woman.
  • Jared - He just reminds me of a lounge singer.
  • Brandon - Much better than last week. Much, much much. Did I say he was better than last week?
  • Phil - I love his voice, but tonight was not a good night. I hope next week he comes back and knocks our socks off.
  • Chris S. - I love his personality, his voice, his style. I think the judges were crazy in their thoughts tonight. While his song choice wasn't my favorite, I love his range.
The judges say song choice, song choice song choice. True in some ways, but for me it's the VOICE. I have no clue what Blake's song was, and I still loved him.

So who will go? Sanjaya and Jared. Best of the night? Blake and Chris Squared.

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it's me, Val said...

Really?! You like Sanjaya's hair?! He has extensions and it's groddy. He's too young for hair like that. Now if he had a cute bod and was a teeny bit older, I might like it! :)

I loooove Blake, Chris and Chris! All my very faves!

So you aren't going to post what you emailed me about?! lmbo :-p