Saturday, March 10, 2007


We are going to start landscaping this weekend. The builder had landscaped the front of the house but nothing in the back. Since we moved here in August we just decided to wait until this year to do all our landscaping.

I am pretty excited. First we are going to put in 8 - 10 crape myrtle trees. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these trees. They are so pretty, they bloom for up to 120 days and they will grow 15 - 20 feet in about 5 years. I just don't know if I should mix colors or choose 1 straight color. But aren't they pretty? This is another benefit of moving to NC. We never had these trees up North.

So besides the trees, Matt is putting in a stone patio, we are doing flowering bushes (not sure what type yet) around the deck, doing some more to the front, and debating on whether to screen in our deck. I am also doing a garden, but that won't be for a few more weeks.

Where the problem lies is the soil and the heat. We have been blessed to live in one of the only places around here that isn't clay. Instead we have a lovely mixture of sand and clay. Talk about making what to plant difficult. Add on top of that the heat and drought and we have landscaping woes. Being from the North it was always easy to know what to plant.

I'm sure I will take lots of pictures. In the meantime, if any of you, especially you southerners have ideas on what to plant, I would love some suggestions.


SuperMom said...

I have no advice in regards to southern gardening; I'm still stuck under mounds of snow, but in answer to your first question, if I were doing the planting I would plant multiple colors of the tree whose picture you posted.

Have fun!

it's me, Val said...

Orchids thrive amazingly in clay and sand. I wonder about them . . . ? If so, I have tons of books on them and will bring them with me next week.

You've seen our flat rock patio, haven't you? Neil put that in and did an excellent job! If Matt has any questions, have him ask Neil. But I know my dh doesn't like going to other guys for advice. He's a man and thinks he has all his own answers. But if Matt does get stuck he knows who to call. :)

Karen is Thrifty said...

If the trees are going to be planted near one another, then I would recommend going with one color to give it a more unified look. I really like these trees too. One of my favorite pictures is of my daughter when she was two, standing in front of a burgundy color crepe myrtle and she was wearing her maroon Virginia Tech cheerleading outfit. It is an adorable picture.

Karen from NC
Thrifty Mommy

it's me, Val said...

i actually kinda agree with thrifty on the same color of tree if they are planted near each other. Groups of the same color is key. :) Take that from your artsy-fartsy friend!