Sunday, March 11, 2007

Saturday Planting

Wow. Am I tired. And Matt is so tired he has been sleeping since 8 pm. But we got a ton done today so it was a very productive day.

Several people had told us that we need to try Broadwell's Nursery in Angier to get all our landscaping. So we first went to a nursery in Holly Springs and then went to Broadwell's to compare prices and stock. We hit the jackpot of all landscaping jackpots at Broadwell's.

We bought 6, 12-foot crape myrtles, 4, 10-foot Kwanza cherry trees, a 10-foot maple tree, 13 wax myrtle bushes and 8 tea olive bushes and spent... drumroll please... $540!!! Anywhere else we had priced it would have been well over $1,000 for the same stuff, and it wasn't as nice. We got the crape myrtles and wax myrtles planted and tomorrow we will finish the rest.

Maple tree. Boring but is very dependable. Plus the builder put two of them in the front of the house so we figured they needed a friend.
Tea olive bush. These will have white flowers in the spring and fall and supposedly have a nice sweet smell. Probably attract bees or some crazy southern bug knowing our luck, but I was told they may attract hummingbirds as well. Bonus!
Kwanza Cherry tree. We planted two white and two pink. They are already budding. Yippie!
Wax myrtle bush. Nothing exciting but perfect to cover up an ugly fence that people around the corner put up. Buh bye ugly fence!
Crape myrtle. Yes I have to share the picture again. Picture these but in red. I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. And ours are so big they will look AWESOME when they flower for 120 days.

We still want to get 2 magnolia trees, a bunch of encore azalea bushes (These awesome azalea bushes that will bloom spring, summer and fall. Sorry my northern friends, they only can be used down this way), either a dogwood tree or a weeping cherry tree and some more bushes and perennial flowers.

These are encore azalea's. Ignore the overly happy looking lady.
Weeping cherry tree that we are thinking of getting.
Magnolia trees. They have beautiful white flowers. They are going to look so nice next to the house.
Dogwood tree that we may get.

Come the next 4-6 weeks our yard will really rock. I am excited. I finally will have an awesome yard. In fact we had half the neighborhood at our house admiring our work already. For once, we are the cool people. I can't wait to share pictures of the yard when all done.


SuperMom said...

Very exciting! I love the cherry tree you bought!

it's me, Val said...

What a deal!

And the azalea . . . is it a special variety? We have azalea's here . . . we actually have one HERE :)

We had Magnolias all over at school in C'dale. They are some of the most beautiful trees ever and smell AMAZING! And they have big shiny green leaves. I just love them.

So these are not pics from your yard are they? I want to see those! I want to see the progress you've made. Hope you're in bed now restin up. :)

Jamie said...

beautiful beautiful!! I am jealous!
but can I make a suggestion? I love love the weeping cherry tree, all during spring but its not very pretty with its non bloomed leaves. But thats just my opinion.

Anonymous said...


Hi, I found your blog while searching google for broadwell's nursery. We are about to order there (I live in Holly Springs) but hesitating because of the delivery. The trees are HEAVY. Could you share with me what did you use to transport all of the trees to your backyard and also how many men per tree did you use? I could not even move one tree not to mention unload a truck of it.

Thanks a Lot!

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Anonymous said...

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