Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Life is too short...

To drink bad wine.

I love a good glass of wine. I am always looking for new, yet cheap, wines to try. (Hence another reason I LOVE Trader Joes) Today I stumbled upon a bottle of Australian wine that I just had to buy. I found it so fitting.

For those who doubt this is a real wine, here is a little info about this wine.

Dan Phillips of Grateful Palate certainly struck a chord when he named this ironically very approachable lush Grenache from Barossa the name "Bitch". It has become the liquid anthem for ceremonies of marriage, divorce, birthdays, and baby showers. Grenache has been around forever, but Phillips has clearly put it on the map at last by giving it a name that sticks.

Much like last year's inaugural vintage, the 2005 Bitch is loaded with pizzazz, maybe just a touch firmer. Appearance: Medium crimson to cranberry with a slight unfiltered haze, bright pink around the edges to match the label. Aromas: Raspberry, cherry, Belgian milk chocolate, Madagascar vanilla, and hints of nutmeg. Ripe and sweet-tart around the edges, dry on the tongue with youthful mild tannins that are just a bit gravelly. Chocolate covered raspberry and cherry flavors finish firmly with a hint of gravelly mineral and pepper, not to mention a real "kick".

This red is on the money for what it's trying to be, and is arguably more effective than a box of Godiva chocolates at 1/3 the price.

I can't wait to actually try it. And then I think the bottle would make a great flower vase. I just love the bottle.


Jamie said...

I would love a bottle of bitch wine haha

mama2dibs said...

That's hilarious! I love it!

Victoria Martin said...

heehee, that wine sounds yummy & the name is awesome!