Friday, March 23, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Shows I Wish Were Still On The Air

  1. Dawson's Creek
  2. Beverly Hills 90210
  3. Friends
  4. Eight is Enough
  5. Family Ties
  6. Life Goes On
  7. Party of Five
  8. Doogie Houser
  9. A Different World
  10. Who's the Boss
  11. China Beach
  12. Saved By the Bell
  13. Growing Pains

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it's me, Val said...

You forgot Felicity! My fave!!!! (Oh wait, this is your list, not mine, hehe)

Virginia said...

Hi! Here from TT...

How far (and low, in my opinion) Katie Holmes has come since her Creek days...sigh.

I loved Family Ties--had a crush on MJF growing up.

A Different World had a reunion not too long ago! I can't for the life of me remember the website, but you could see video clips/interviews with the cast. I think I ran across it by Googling "Different World Reunion" or was it a link on Wikipedia? It was one of the two! :)

Chelle said...

Love this list! I watched Doogie Howser during my daughter's 2 a.m. feedings back in the day. It was the only thing on at that time of the night that was worth watching.

jenny said...

i love dawson's creek! the rest are just ok...doogie houser, i like too! happy tt!

Indiana Amy said...

I loved all those shows too! Whatever happened to shows like that?!?!

Peg said...

Oh fun!

I miss Party of Five...I used to love watching that and Melrose...

Great list!

Robin said...

I loved Party of Five.

Happy TT.

Robin said...

I loved Party of Five.

Happy TT.

amy said...

this is such an awesome list. these are the ones I agree with
Dawson's Creek
Beverly Hills 90210
Family Ties
Life Goes On
Party of Five
Doogie Houser
Who's the Boss
Saved By the Bell
Growing Pains

AJ said...

I played too...
I totally forgot about Party of Five...I was so hooked on that show!!! I would never leave the house if all the good stuff was still on the air, so it is definetly a good thing I'm only hooked to about 3 current shows!!!