Sunday, March 25, 2007

Summer Concert

I am so excited! July 31 Matt and I are going to see John Mayer with 5 other couples. Jamie went to see him last month and she said he was amazing. Between the concert and the tailgating we are planning prior to the concert this should be awesome. I guess another benefit of living here is we are so close to so many awesome concert places.

Here is a little tease for everyone of what we will see. Enjoy!!


it's me, Val said...

Oh you guys will have the best time ever! Wish we were one of the couples!

Jamie said...

hmmm maybe I can come up for a visit and talk matt into staying home haha I had such a good time and I love the Mayer Man!

Leesha said...

That sounds like a great time. I love John Mayer.