Friday, March 02, 2007

Wedding Ring Saga

So Matt has lost his wedding ring... again. Last week when in Tucson for work he had to do a field demo and he can't wear his ring while on the equipment. But he **thinks** he put it back on. So he doesn't **think** it is in Arizona.

He noticed it was missing Monday at work. He thought maybe it fell off when he was working out since it has gotten lose with him losing 15 pounds. But no one has found it there. We have searched the house, the car and just about anywhere else we can think of, but yet no ring has appeared.

Oh no some may say! To lose the ring your wife placed on your finger so many years ago. Ummm yeah. Matt has a history with rings. He lost it on our honeymoon. The idiot was digging in the cushions during a show on the cruise ship for quarters (don't ask, it's Matt) and it slipped off. Luckily someone turned it in. Then back in 2001 he lost the same ring when we were snorkeling down in the Bahamas. Obviously we didn't get that one back. He has damaged one by jackhammering concrete while still wearing it. And now here we are, another ring lost. And it doesn't seem that it will be back.

So until Matt goes and buys another ring I told him I was going on strike and not wearing mine. He just laughed and told me that a ring doesn't make a marriage. Damn. I hate it when he is right.


it's me, Val said...

lmao . . . :) so what did you decide to do?

Anissa said...

I think its time for you to lose your ring. hint, hint.

SuperMom said...

I think you ought to go replace Matt's lost ring and your diamond... ;)