Monday, April 16, 2007

Crazy Weather

Talk about a weird past few weeks of weather. First it was 85 degrees two weeks ago, then it was 50 degrees and freezing at night. Now we are getting socked by some fluke storm that hits every 25 years (not that I understand how that happens).

Starting last night and into tonight it poured. And I am not talking heavy rain. I mean can't see in front of your face, hail, sideways downpour. And now that the rain is finally moving out the winds are setting in. The rocking chairs have blown off the front porch twice already. I just am keeping my fingers crossed that the trampoline doesn't go visit one of the neighbor's houses during the night.

Into Tuesday they are calling for 40 mph winds. The winds tonight sound downright scary. (and of course Matt is traveling) The news said that with the amount of rain in such a short amount of time and the winds that we need to be prepared for trees to be uprooted. If that is the case we are in hot water. After all we just planted 13 trees in the past 2 months.

All across the country the weather seems to have been abnormal. Is this crazy weather a result of global warming? Is it because if El Nino/La Nina? I don't know. So how has the weather been where you are? Comment and let me know.


Leesha said...

This morining in D~Town the sun is shining!! It's a little chilly with it being only 37. High today might hit 60.

The week-end looks promising with the highs in the 70's. Tom & I are looking forward to loading up the 4-wheeler's and heading to a riding park.

Hope your weather breaks soon!

it's me, Val said...

You have the end of what we had here a few days ago. Saturday we had rain all day long. I think we're in for some sunny nice days, which means you are too. I can definitely say that this rain and cold has had nothing to do with global warming!

mama2dibs said...

We had two inches of snow on the ground last Wednesday. Right now things are clearing up. I think I might even be able to walk today. Finally! Or again! Or whatever!

I think that the end times are getting closer. I don't know when Christ is coming back, but the weather has definitely been odd the past about 5 years.

Deborah said...

we're getting slammed with the same coastal storm as you (up here, they call it a Nor'Easter). I live 1.5 miles in from the ocean and we took a drive to see the surf...scary! the water is rushing UP the inlet so fast and spilling over the seawall. Major flooding here.

Anonymous said...

It's been nuts here too. Friday morning it was 45 degrees when I left the house and 95 when I left work. Saturday we were at a friend's beach house and the storm was so bad that it was shaking the house - I was terrified. There's nothing like having the ocean on one side and the bay on the other (and a house on little strip of land in between!!) during a storm like that. I hope your trees survive!!!