Sunday, April 08, 2007

A Little Thought About Easter

As with Christmas, people seem to get caught up in the material aspect of the Easter holiday. People get excited about plastic eggs, egg dying kits and chocolate bunnies. But what Target and other stores, as well as many people forget is the real reason for Easter. Easter is about Jesus suffering and dying on the cross.

I recently ran across an article that explains it perfectly.

Little children wake up and can't wait to see what the Easter Bunny left for them. They can't wait to find the hidden eggs the bunny has hidden for them to find. We all share that wonderful meal together. My question for you is why do you celebrate Easter?

Do you realize Jesus was tortured, beaten, spit on, ridiculed, yelled sick names, had a thorn head piece stuck in his head and died for you? He had to walk through towns dragging a huge cross while being spit on, yelled at, falling and no one able to help him up. How would it feel to have razor straps wiped on your body to where you were one blood mess while being mocked? Try imaging the amount of pain having huge nails, nailed into your flesh, threw your muscle and crushing your bones while blood comes out from your wrist and ankles and your head. He hung on the cross like that for hours in pain. What must He be thinking of?

Jesus died and tortured on a cross for your neighbors, friends, enemies and for you. Why? So we may be able to be with Him forever if we decide to believe in Him and what He stands for. How amazing to think someone named Jesus loved you so much He died, he gave up His life for you. After Jesus's death Joseph took Jesus's body after asking Pilote for it, and wrapped it in a linen cloth. He placed the body in a tomb cut in the rock that had not been used.(Luke 24:1-8) Mary and others went back to the tomb the day after Sabbath early with spices. The tomb was empty and Jesus's body was not where to be found. You see Jesus raised on the third day(Luke 24:1-8).

We should be in awh that Jesus loved each of us so much He gave His LIFE FOR US. That thought is so amazing. (read the rest here)

So on this balmy Easter morning remember that once again Jesus is the reason for the season –– not the Easter Bunny and those colorful eggs.


SuperMom said...

Every year, the night before Easter, Superdad and I suffer through The Passion of the Christ. It always serves to remind us of this too.

Happy Easter, Alexis!

it's me, Val said...

CAit, what a good idea. I'm so bad, though. We own The Passion and have never seen it. Our kids dont go to bed till 9 and then once they do, dh can never stay awake long enough to watch it. I really would like to see it.