Monday, April 09, 2007

Magiquest Hell

When you think of going to Myrtle Beach on vacation you think of sand, sunscreen, the ocean. Sadly since this part of the nation is going through an unexpected cold spell the beach and ocean are out of question, so we have had to find non-water activities to do.

The front desk staff recommended we take the kids to Magiquest. Think Dungeons and Dragons meets Star Trek. First we waited in line for TWO hours to get inside. Yes, you read that right –– TWO hours. Then once inside it was hell. Imagine hundreds of people running around trying to conquer "quests" for the opportunity to slay a dragon. Honestly we never really understood what we spent another two hours (yes TWO) inside doing. But hey the kids were having fun pointing their wands and mastering quests and the people watching was top notch. Will we ever go back again? Mostly likely, hell no. But it made for some great laughter.


Jamie said...

Alexis how funny. I went to the website and all I can say is ......hmmm LOL. Oh well its things like this that make vacation memories haha.

it's me, Val said...

Matt probably had the most fun. A man's dream come true. And Chris's hair is getting so long! He looks so much older! Wahh!