Thursday, April 05, 2007

Notes to File

  1. Do not leave your spare key inside your vehicle in fear of being mugged and having keys stolen (even if it has happened to you once).
  2. Do not let your 11 year old in charge of keys. The likelihood of her somehow leaving the keys insides, along with the spare key, and locking the doors is very high.
  3. I do not live within city limits, therefore the Fuquay Varina police will not come to my aid.
  4. The Wake County Sheriff Department will unlock your keys for free, but you may have to endure some very bad singing while he jimmies your lock.
  5. Do not, I repeat do not call your spouse in case of locking keys in car and not having access to a spare key. He will do nothing but manage to make you mad.
  6. It will only be a matter of minutes before neighbors are calling asking why the Sheriff was at your house. Sadly you have to repeat all the above to them.


Jill said...

Ugh! Sounds like a rough day... and I know what you mean about #5 :-) Do they think they're being helpful? lol

Jamie said...

A, were you jealous of me being locked out of Van on Friday??

Leesha said...

OPh man sounds like you are having a rough start to your day.

I hope it gets better...maybe a glass of wine would help! LOL