Thursday, April 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #7

Thirteen Songs I Love Right Now

  1. Sexyback - Justin Timberlake
  2. Welcome to the Black Parade - My Chemical Romance
  3. Into the Ocean - Blue October
  4. Walking her Home - Mark Schultz
  5. Geek in the Pink - Jason Mraz
  6. The River - Good Charlotte
  7. Stupid Boy - Keith Urban
  8. Some Beach - Blake Shelton
  9. Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood
  10. Beer in Mexico - Kenny Chesney
  11. Cupid's Chokehold - Gym Class Hereos
  12. It's Not Over - Chris Daughtry
  13. Last Dollar - Tim McGraw

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Mercy's Maid said...

I love #3 and #11. Great idea for a 13!

Danielle said...

Happy TT. The songs all I have to say to each her own.

Thanks for stopping by

Be well and enjoy the day

Ingrid said...

i so love justin's Sexy Back!!!! it's the bomb!!