Friday, April 13, 2007

President Sighting

One exciting part of last month's Washington DC 5th grade field trip was we got to see President Bush's motorcade. We actually got to see him leave in the choppers for Camp David too, but we were going into the White House at the time and we had been stripped of everything but our IDs, so I had no camera. I was lucky enough to have a camera when he passed us on the streets at the Capitol Building. To my surprise (okay I really am stupid) the motorcade drove really fast past us. We did get to see President Bush and he waved at us. Talk about cool.

One of the mom's I was standing with was smarter than myself and used her digital camera to take a short movie clip. She emailed it to me and I thought I would share. It was one of the highlights of the trip. If you pause the movie in the right spot you can see him waving at us. Oh and ignore the background chatter. We were like two girls waiting for NKOTB to appear on stage.

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it's me, Val said...

Just because you said to ignore your chatter I had to turn up the volume!! Haha!!!

Very neat, btw!