Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The "Talk"

Today we left Myrtle Beach at 5:30 am so we could make it back in time for the kids to go to school. Oh how I wish we would have stayed another day.

I was getting ready to walk out the door to go workout when Emily called from school. Apparently I forgot about her field trip today and she needed me to bring her a packed lunch. What a bad mom some may say. Not exactly. Today's field trip was to the health center, where the 5th graders would get "the talk." You know, the birds and the bees. Movies and pictures. Puberty, breast growth, period cycles, eggs, ovaries, sperm... the works. Just typing that out makes me need a stiff drink.

Yes, Emily knows some stuff. Last year while Jamie and I were trying to paint the kids bedrooms so I could get the house listed Emily asked me what a lesbian was (I guess she heard it at school). Needless to say that turned into an hour long conversation about who knows what. I was so shocked that I honestly babbled for an hour and I don't think anyone got anything out of that conversation except for the makers of Tylenol and Jamie.

So now my daughter has officially been given "the talk." And it makes me want to cry thinking of how old she is and how quickly she is turning into a young lady. ((sigh)) My little girl is growing up.


Jamie said...

Alexis, I feel your pain. As you know Ashley has had the beginings of her boobs. Sigh I was given the lecture just this weekend about she now needs a bra and that the girls wear the padded ones and thats why it looks like so many kids in her class have big breasts. I was shocked. I am sorry her beginings doesn't even hardly look visible on her body I am not buying my flat chested dd a padded bra. I guess that makes me a mean mom. If she wants one next school year to start the new school thats one thing but to go to school one day flat chested and the next an A cup nope no way lmao.

it's me, Val said...

You are going to talk to her also, right?? My mom didn't and all i learned was from this one day. i thought she'd talk to me and waited for her to do so, but she never did. i guess she thought i didn't want to talk about it. from the day out i was scared and feeling very vulerable about becoming a woman. and so when i did get af i kept it from her....i have yet to talk to my mom about periods.