Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tragedy At Virginia Tech

When a parent sends their child off to college one worries about things such as drinking, drugs, grades and sex. Never would it cross their mind to worry about a gunman coming in and gunning down their child. Today the deadliest college shooting occurred on the Virgina Tech college campus. So far at least 32 people are reported dead and numerous injuries. I am sure as the next few days unfold more details will be revealed.

I don't understand the world these days. I don't understand why or how someone can come into a school and shoot others. I don't understand what goes through ones mind to want to kill other people. The number of lives that will be changed forever because of one person's decision. Imagine the horror for the parents whose kids are at that college right now, not knowing if their child is okay. It is hard as a parent, heck as a human being, to put my mind around incidents like this one.

As a parent how do we continue to send our kids into the world? How do we know that our children won't be a victim of a Columbine or now a Virginia Tech incident? How do we make sure things like this never happens again? We can pray every second for God to protect our children, but is that enough? Where is God in all this?

As the details unfold, keep the families and victims of this shooting in your thoughts and prayers. And hugs your kids closer. You never know when in the blink of an eye it all can be taken away.

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Cerella said...

It's just sickening.....and soo purposeless that all 32 people had to die in such a way.