Thursday, April 19, 2007

Won't You Be My Neighbor

I have to say besides the weather, one of the greatest things about moving to NC has been my neighborhood. We have been really blessed with some awesome neighbors.

This morning I woke up to find two of the neighbors not only moved the wind blown trampoline and all its pieces back into my yard, but also replanted my tree that got destroyed in the wind. They had to have done it sometime past dark, as it was not done when I came home at 8:30 last night. Most of the neighbors have taken me under their wing with Matt being gone so much. They have offered to mow the lawn (which I gratefully declined), have had us over for dinner, brought us food, have taken my kids so I could run errands or just get a few minutes break, helped immensely with Chris's emergency, and much more. I am looking forward to the block parties, summer BBQs and the ladies book club with these people.

If you are looking for awesome people, outside city limits and a large yard, come on over. We have a few houses still left for sale in the neighborhood. We'd be happy to have you.


Deborah said...

what a great neighborhood you live in! They always say that the neighbors can make or break a house for you - glad you found some great ones.

Anissa said...

I love my neighborhood also! You guys should play Bocce Ball this summer. We do it all the time through our neighborhood through everyone's yard. It is so much fun! If your passing through someone's yard they run outside and join in!

mama2dibs said...

I am glad you have such wonderful neighbors. It really does make things so much easier and nicer rather than not knowing a soul.

Karen said... really does help to have good neighbors! Glad you have good ones around you. :)

Mike said...

Mind if you ask your neighbor to move next to me and clean my yard? :)


it's me, Val said...

that's great, aj! i really love my neighbors, too. that i will really miss. i'm sad my best neighbors are gone - jen and ryan - but some still remain. i could write a huge list of all the things they've done for us over the past 6 years. i'm gonna miss them but look forward to our new 'hood. i guess they have 'rita night every friday night in the summer! woo-hooooo!

SuperMom said...

Aren't good neighbors are godsend? Truly, my neighbors save my sanity on a weekly basis. We socialize, watch each other's kids, take care of flowers, pets... I don't know what I'd do without them. :)