Wednesday, May 02, 2007

American Idol - Six Left Take Two

Who doesn't love Bon Jovi? I remember jamming to Bon Jovi in my younger years. Ahhhh... the memories.

So the final six had to sing Bon Jovi tunes. What an interesting twist of events this week.

  1. Phil - I think he rocked tonight. Great song choice. It spotlighted his voice perfectly. But will it be enough?
  2. Jordin - Ouch. Rock, especially Bon Jovi rock, is not her strong suit. I had to stop myself from putting my fingers in my ears it was that bad. Very unusual for Jordin.
  3. Lakisha - I can't put my finger on it but I just am not a Lakisha fan. I wonder how she decided what to sing considering she had no clue what Bon Jovi sang. I have to admit she did quite well. I love the song "It Ain't a Love Song". And kissing Simon... yummy.
  4. Blake - I'm not sure if dark haired Blake is sexy or completely freaky. What an interesting version of a Bon Jovi song. I loved it. This is the Blake we know and love. I would say he may have just landed himself a spot in the final 2.
  5. Chris - I think Chris sang very well, but compared to the others so far tonight (well except Jordin) he paled in comparison. Too bad. I love Chris. Even if he leaves tomorrow I think he will make it far. He has a very popular following.
  6. Melinda - She can work the stage, but I didn't like her voice tonight.

Who will go? Lakisha and **sniff sniff** Chris.


it's me, Val said...

I actually think Jordin may be voted off. I didn't vote for her even though I love her!

And ftr, I have never liked BJ! Never ever ever. I really lost interest tonight. I think they need to do Clay covers, don't you? :)

julie said...

Blake was the favorite at our house. The kids voted for him, Chris, Jordan and Melinda. Can't wait for tomorrow night.

Leesha said...

Phil was my fav last night.

I agree with ya...LaKisha & Chris will most likely go tonight. You never know though :)