Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tuesday Tips - Online Shopping

Last week I posted about one place I use for online shopping codes. I had such a great response that I thought for my "Tuesday Tips" I would give a list of places I frequently use for online and printable coupons.

I rarely buy anything online without a code for something –– free shipping, percent off, BOGO, etc. I also make sure I do a quick search for printable coupons before heading out to stores. I almost always have a printable coupon for Children's Place, Express, Borders, Barnes & Nobles and World Market. And if you are lucky enough to be near me in line at one of these stores I usually have extra that I give away.

So here my friends are some good places to find great online, and sometimes offline, deals.
Happy shopping!!


Leesha said...

This is great AJ. Thanks so much. I can't believe all the places that I will actually use.

Thanks again! :)

it's me, Val said...

I use this one a lot:


Anonymous said...

i use the below link for Printable Coupons:


Kim said...

Thanks for the links! I use flamingo world pretty often, especially when printing pictures.