Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Anyone else "Lost"?

Matt and I signed up for Netflix last fall. During our honeymoon rental "marathon" we decided to start watching the series "Lost". We were sucked in right away. (How could we not be?) Matt thinks it is funny considering I hate the unknown and have the patience of a rock, and this show has both.
  1. Who exactly is Jacob? Or should I say what is Jacob?
  2. Who are the "Others" and what is their role on the Island? Still after all these weeks I am confused as ever.
  3. The writers say the characters are not in purgatory somewhere, and indeed are alive. So why have they been declared dead and who caused all this? Was it some EMI Shielding freak of nature?
  4. Will Claire and Jack ever figure out they are brother and sister?
  5. Are those who died on the island since the crash really dead?
  6. Will Charlie die in the finale?
  7. Where are Walt and Michael?
  8. What is the black smoke?
  9. Who will end up with Kate at the end?
  10. Is Julia really against the "others"?
  11. Why has Richard never aged and what is his role? Why is Ben the leader when it appears that Richard should be?
  12. How does Desmond fit into all this?
So Wednesday is the season finale. Since it was just announced that the show will be on until 2010, I highly doubt any of my questions will be answered anytime soon. But hey a woman can dream. So for all you fellow Lost fans, I would love your perspective on the show.

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lil ole' me..... said...

We have been Lost watchers since the beginning. It is the most intriguing and frustrating show I have ever watched! I have the same questions you have, as well as "what do those numbers mean?!? and how did John's dad get on the island?!?". I am behind and have missed the last 2 episodes. Gonna have to get on abc.com to watch them before tomorrow night!

I don't know what I think about the characters being alive or dead. I will love to see how the story line plays out over the next 3 years! You're right though, I don't think the questions will be answered anytime soon.