Thursday, May 31, 2007

Join the Challenge

Come join the Summer Reading Challenge sponsored by Ramblings From Life (hey that's me!)

This will be so fun! Here are the guidelines:

This is not a contest. This is not a race. This is simply encouragement to READ more. It's not about quality or quantity so much. After all, when our kids see us read, we encourage them to read. And exercising our brains is good too. It's really just about celebrating your love of reading and trying to read more.

The challenge starts June 1 and will end on Labor Day (September 3). Respond to this post with the number of books you plan to read. Then post on your own blog about this challenge and invite others to join. I will post weekly or bi-weekly my own progress and what books I have read. Feel free to do the same. And late joiners are always welcome so do not feel you have to be married to the June 1 start date.

Again, remember this is NOT a contest nor a race. This is just about trying to read more.

Have fun!!


Jamie said...

OOOH goodie I am firs in line. I think I will read...I will go low and I don't want to scare off anyone who is wanting to sign up and see's my number (remember I have no life) so 21 books. Thats 7 books a month for 3 months.

Good luck everyone and if you find a really good book you have to share!!

Happy Reading!!

Anonymous said...

I miss you Alexis!!!


Happy Birthday to Chris and Quin!!!
and to our baby girls who will be 4?!

mama2dibs said...

I'll give you 10. Hopefully I can read more, but I think that number is doable for me at this moment in my life.

Katkat said...

Very cool. I try to read one book a week. But this will be a REALLY busy summer so I will say...8.

lil ole' me..... said...

I love, love, love this idea!
I am going to shoot for 15 books between tomorrow and Sept. 1.
Any suggestions are always welcome! Since I have started reading Karen Kingsbury, I am spoiled. No author quite compares.... :)

it's me, Val said...

I won't be doing it. I'm a pain, I know ;) :)

Alexis Jacobs said...

I forgot to post my own :)

I am doing 21 books. (hopefully)

Erin said...

I'll read 15. Going to post about it on my blog. I have a picture of my books. Thanks for the wonderful idea. Can't wait to get started.

Andrea said...

I wanna join the challenge. I'll say 10 books -- see picture on my blog -- which may turn into 11 because I think our church library is getting the newest Karen Kingsbury book which of course is my #1 priority!!

Michelle said..., I am in! :)

Today I actually went to a book club meeting (an interest group in the MOMS club I am in) and was totally inspired to read, read, read this summer! How appropriate that I visit here and find this! :) So, I will say, 8 books is my goal!

Cool idea!

Ginny said...

I'm late coming in, but I'm joining. I have kept track of my books that I have read anyway, so I'm gonna back track. Love this idea!

Ginny said...

Well I realized that I read way more in the winter then I do in the summer :) I set my goal a bit high at 20 & I'm only at 11 so far, yikes!