Thursday, May 31, 2007

Rain Rain Come Anyday

We are in a serious drought. We have not seen rain in 3 weeks and while they are possibly calling for some Sunday and Monday, who knows if it will actually rain.

The grass is like straw, even with watering. I think we would have to water 24/7 to make a difference. Not to mention if anyone lights a match within 500 feet I am afraid a fire will break out. My flowers are being watered 2x a day and I am not sure that is even enough.

Parts of NC have issued water restrictions, including the City of Raleigh and all Johnston County. If we do not have significant rain soon, we all will be under a water restriction.

Please please please do a rain dance. We need it –– bad.


Jennifer said...

Were in the same boat..well a boat with NO water...
we are in a extreme drought, no rain in months!! I means months, maybe 5 or more...I can't keep up on the watering, and everything is dead! We live outside the city limits, so we burn allot out here..well not no more!! We will have a hell of a bonfire when this is over...and HOT for May might I add.

Doing the rain dance

it's me, Val said...

You'll get it. We are now. I think you will see it soon . . . Crossing fingers for you.